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Tax compliance

Compliance with local regulations on e-invoicing and local taxation

Secure, accurate and tax-compliant e-invoices without the need for extra effort, all using Banqup.

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Electronic invoicing

What is electronic invoicing? How do I comply?

The national e-invoicing system RO e-Invoice, which came into force on 1 July 2022, aims to receive electronic invoices from issuers in accordance with the invoice structure designed in line with European standards.

Thus, invoices must be delivered electronically via the national system RO e-Invoice in the relationship with state-contracted authorities, the so-called B2G relationship.

Banqup comes to the aid of those who want to align their business with the legal requirements for e-invoicing in Romania as well, being a product of Unifiedpost Group, a leading international fintech in Europe that targets both the independence of accounting firms and banks.

Dedicated to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized companies, the platform is already adapted to legislative rules and allows issuing and processing e-invoices in the EU agreed format (UBL), which is already used by Romania for certain types of services and will most likely be applied to all types of businesses as soon as possible. The Banqup application is compatible and complies with the standard set for e-invoicing.


How do tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations affect me?

You already need e-invoicing, as of 1 July 1022, if you send invoices to government institutions / make B2G (Business to Government) contracts

There is already an obligation for B2B if you belong to a sector considered by ANAF as having a high tax risk

You have this obligation if you issue holiday vouchers

For all situations, any business can already opt for the electricity bill even if it is not legally obliged to yet

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And more compliance features

Additional features on tax compliance Banqup

Make sure your business meets the necessary standards by using Banqup's additional features.

Connect and send invoices to international networks such as RO e-Invoice, Peppol and EESPA.

Secure archive that automatically archives your documents for the UK's minimum requirement of 6 years (from the end of the financial year it was issued)

With instant access to the necessary documents, your accountant can more easily ensure that your invoices and processes are in compliance with legislative regulations.

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Why Banqup

What benefits do I get?

Software that complies with current regulations

Banqup helps you comply by connecting you to over 60+ global government tax platforms.

Simplifies work tasks

E-invoicing regulations are not yet mandatory for all, but e-invoicing also automates work processes and simplifies administrative tasks.

Saving time

Leave the tax compliance expertise to Banqup and dedicate your valuable time to your business.

According to the laws in force through Banqup

With Banqup you turn mandatory e-invoicing and tax compliance processes into easy tasks.

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