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Why Banqup

The easiest digital business tool

The easiest tool for SMEs to manage and administer their payments and invoices from one place.

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We help you

Who is Banqup for?

Sole proprietorships

Are you self-employed, a sole trader or a freelancer? Then Banqup is for you.

Small businesses

Easily manage your business payments, administrative and financial processes with Banqup.

Medium-sized enterprises

Collaborate with your suppliers and customers in the simplest and smartest way possible.

Liberal professions

Collaborate simply and easily with your accountant and manage payments and invoicing in one place.

Smart digital business tool

Discover Banqup

Banqup is a simple and smart digital business tool.
Designed for businesses that want simple digital ways to manage and administer their payments and invoices in one place.

Any type of business? Banqup is designed for smaller businesses such as self-employed, sole traders, self-employed and micro businesses. Businesses that are constantly on the move and want to spend less time on payments, invoicing and administrative tasks.

Do you have a larger business? Check out our perfectly tailored solutions for medium and large businesses.

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Benefits of Banqup

Why Banqup?

Pay and get paid faster

Be sure you can pay and get paid on time with automatic payment processes and multiple payment options.

Increases productivity

Automate payment tasks and benefit from simple digital business processes in the shortest time.

Optimises cash flow

Real-time data and integrated bank account information. All these functions help you organise your future cash flow.

Grow your business

Your accountant's real-time access to information and data through Banqup gives your business the tools to help you grow your business more easily than ever.

Secure payments

Safety and peace of mind with Banqup

Banqup is a product of Unifiedpost Group. Banqup payments are managed by the entity Unifiedpost Group - Unifiedpost Payments. As a payment institution supervised by the National Bank of Belgium, Unifiedpost Payments complies with the security standards required by EC and EBA regulations.

Banqup is proud to announce that, as of April 2022, our Information Security Management System ("ISMS") has been certified by the BSI in accordance with the strict requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Our certificate number is IS 756346.

Logo of BSI Information Security Management
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A single integration system

Integrate your existing tools

Further simplify work processes by connecting Banqup to existing tools. This way you can continue to use your regular tools, but with even simpler and more consistent ways of working.

Explore possible integrations and supported applications by exploring the Apps tab in the Banqup platform.

E-commerce platforms

ERP/accounting systems


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Try the free demo account now and enjoy the benefits of the platform. Pay your bills and manage your documents in one place.

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