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Choose digitisation at work with Banqup

The Banqup solution creates a simple and smart digital link between you and your customers.

Dashboard of Digitalisation
Moving image of dashboard with graphs in the Banqup app
Banqup Console

What is the Banqup solution?

The Banqup solution is an entire tool designed specifically for you. Our digital solution is designed for accountants and bookkeepers to create a single digital link between your firm and your clients.

How does it work?

Simple. Banqup gives you an overview of all your clients. You have access to each client's data, view their invoices, documents and payments in real time and easily identify current statistics and growth trends.

Try the demo version of Banqup and see for yourself.

Your BANQUP solution

One digital solution for you and your customers

You have one digital tool at your fingertips for your customers to manage their payment and invoicing processes. In a nutshell:

easily connect with your customers

you have an easy-to-use platform interface

have all your customers' documents and invoices available in real time, accessible at any time

Your customers

Develop a relationship of trust with your customers

Using Banqup, accounting processes and administrative issues are simplified for your clients as all documents will be easy to manage, in one place.

Invite your clients and work together in Banqup

Keep track of your customer data in your existing ERP or accounting system (e.g. SAGA)

Choose which employees can access customer accounts


Cut costs and save time with streamlined workflows

Workflows designed specifically for accountants. So you can spend your time efficiently.

Automatic reconciliation of payments

Access documents instantly and use OCR technology to get rid of manual data entry

Find and edit documents in no time with the Banqup Document Centre


Allocate your time and resources where it counts

Through Banqup, you invest efficiently by providing your clients with expert financial advice.

Easily identify customer financial trends

Provides customers with the financial information they need

Manage your time efficiently

"We are convinced that adopting digital technology and moving away from manual processes will improve the efficiency of business operations."

Banqup Demo

Discover how Banqup can help you.
Access the demo version and see for yourself the advantages of the Banqup solution.

Access the demo version