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Cash flow and information

With Banqup, you benefit from a clear and unified financial picture

Our platform gives you real-time information about your cash flow and business data so you can make better decisions for your business.

Dashboard of cash flow and insights in the Banqup app
Moving image of a dashboard with circle graphics

Real statistics about your cash flow through Banqup

One section to see all the information you need. Future payments, overdue invoices, cash flow. It's all possible with Banqup.

Through the Banqup platform or app, you can access real-time dashboards that will give you a unified view of your cash flow. They will provide you with important statistics that will help you make more informed business decisions.

Complete system

Cash flow and statistics at your fingertips

Customer and supplier information

Small and medium-sized enterprises are defined by mobility, speed of transactions, fluidity, creativity and dynamism. For SMEs that need an efficient tool to carry out operations, there is Banqup. You have a clear picture of your customers and suppliers, you can quickly summarise your balances and you know as quickly as possible where you stand with your cash flow.

As an SME, you need a unified picture of all your contacts. Banqup gives you quick and easy access to a list of your main customers and suppliers. So you can get a complete and up-to-date picture of all your business partners.

The clearest cash flows

With Banqup, you have access to all future bills, paid, unpaid and outstanding. All this is presented in a simple and intuitive format, so you have a clear and unified view of your cash flow.

A single summary of balances

A single dashboard to view all balances, transactions and cash flows.

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Why Banqup

What benefits do I get?

Financial stability assured

Do you need more help managing your cash flow? It's easy when you're in the know! Full visibility allows you to act when you need to.

Better informed business decisions

You can predict the evolution of your customers and get essential information about them to make more informed and strategic business decisions.

Time saved

With all the information gathered in one place, you'll save valuable time you would otherwise have spent searching for data or accessing other platforms. So you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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