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Safe and legally compliant work processes

Ensure the protection of your company's financial processes as well as those of your clients, with the certainty that your working methods comply with current legislation.

What is required?

What kind of regulations?

Electronic invoicing requirements

Mandatory e-invoicing is advancing fast. As an accountant, you know best how to help your clients comply with current legislation.

Secure document transfer

You'll be free from worry because you'll offer your customers a safe and secure transfer of financial documents and invoices.

Secure payments

Secure, verified and reliable payments through a certified payment institute. That's why clients and accountants choose Banqup.

Electronic invoicing

Get ready for e-invoicing

Banqup ensures an easy transition to electronic invoicing. Both to create simpler invoicing processes for your customers, but also to ensure that they comply with national tax compliance and e-invoicing regulations.

Banqup connects and exchanges digital information with the RO E-Invoice Registry as well as international networks. It's easy to keep up to date with national regulations once Banqup does the work for you.

Complies with GEO 120 of 4 October 2021, GEO 130/2021 and several orders of the Ministry of Finance

Connects international networks such as Peppol

Automatically archives all customer invoices and documents for up to 10 years

Benefit from simple and automated e-invoicing processes

Safe transfer

Trust the security of your financial document transfer.

Transferring financial documents is easy with Banqup. Create digital documents on the platform or convert scanned and uploaded documents into digital formats for easy traceability.

Two-factor authentication for both you and your customers

Rest easy knowing that your customers validate their payments with their own app Banqup ID

Tracks invoice submissions, openings, views and payments

Secure document archive for you and your clients


The easiest and most efficient way to make and receive payments.

With Banqup, you have a simple and secure solution to facilitate your financial transactions. So you can enjoy:

Ensure that your customers use a payment service provided by a licensed payment institution

Simple payment reconciliation. No more wasting time reconciling payments with invoices

Automatic transfer of CODA files from clients' Banqup account and integrated bank accounts to accounting software

Person smiling and looking at camera
"Considerable progress, both for our company and for our customers"

Xavier Delattre

Banqup Demo

Want to find out more? Try the demo version and ask the Banqup team all your questions about Banqup compliance and process safety.

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